The Event Integration Design Department is composed of two teams, "Event Planning" and "Plane Vision".
Since its establishment, it has won the trust of major international brands and has become a designated partner of many major manufacturers.

Accumulatively more than 4,000 cases of execution strength, combined with innovation and professionalism, each project is a new breakthrough, tailored to the company's brand marketing strategy and various activities planning; do every little thing carefully, Think about what you think earlier, and provide customer-moving services intimately.

Forum / Seminar / Summit
More than a thousand professional execution experience, provide the most suitable planning.
Marketing Activities
Provide the most creative marketing activities and content planning most in line with the market.
Press Conference / Award Ceremony
Combining the news angle of current affairs topics to give the best public relations experience.
Company Internal Activity / Year-end Party / Party
A dinner party full of discussions and good memories.
Exhibition / Graphic Design / Gift
The design of space and paper makes the aesthetic feeling vivid and on paper.